Architectural Design

Fabiem’s architectural design laboratory is a place where innovative designs emerge. Since our inception, we have had an impeccable record of designing and constructing buildings par excellence. As the best architectural designers in Doha, we never compromise on the quality of work.

Classic Style

The history of the classic-style architecture dates back to the 17th century. Originated in France and swiftly spread over to Europe, it prevailed as a dominant style for more than two centuries. Symmetry and geometric proportion make the classic style unique. Columns, ornamentations, big walls, and pillars are the most iconic elements of classic architecture. Classic style patterns are never complete without a tint of a golden mix which in turn makes the room tranquil and pleasing. The incredible beauty of classic-style furniture adds a royal ambiance to the interior.

Modern Style

Modern style architecture was introduced by Le Corbusier, one of the famous European architects. The evident cultural depictions in the classic style of architecture came to an end here. We at Fabeim believe that Modernisation broke the barriers of religion and unified the world together. Our designers use stone, clear glass, wood and plastic in a new modern way to create the feel of simplicity and excellence. Here we implement a minimalistic design approach, avoiding the redundant details such as columns and ornamentations.

Qatari / Islamic Style

Qatari/ Islamic Style architecture is an architectural style associated with the religion of Islam and, has evolved from various architectural styles like that of Mesopotamian and Roman. Domes, Arches, Muqarnas, Minarets, etc are some of the indispensable elements found in Islamic architecture.

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